Inibsa — safe, painless & high-quality treatment.

INIBSA is the world's seconf largest manufacturer of anesthetics!

Approved by healthcare authorities in 60+ countries worldwide!

INIBSA is a Spanish pharmaceutical company
with 60 years of experience in the market.

We make products and provide services to healthcare professionals specialized in dentistry, anesthesiology, urology, gynecology, hygiene & desinfection.

INIBSA's dental, hopitalization & international departments are what made it the role model company in Spain and Portugal.

We proudly sell our products in 60+ countries worldwide.

Our mission

We help dentist do their job confidently and efficiently, which is why we do our best for patients to have healthy teeth and for dental treatment to go painlessly.

We make and sell efficient and safe highest-quality products that healthcare experts can use to do their job.

Now we are one of the world's largest companies specialized in production and sales of anesthetics.

Our philosophy

Our customers' needs are our needs.

We do our best to offer top-level service.

The integral part of our philosophy is using research findings and high-tech solutions.

We are an internationally recognized global-scale company. We take care of doctors, so that they can take care of their patients. And it will always be so.

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