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Artinibsa with epinephrine 1:100.000 (articaine 4%)

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Artinibsa with epinephrine is a colorless solution for injections used only in dentistry


1 mL of the solution contains 40 mg of articaine hydrochloride and 0.01 mg of adrenaline tartrate expressed as adrenaline.

One 1.8 mL cartridge contains 72 mg of articaine hydrochloride and 0,018 mg of adrenaline tartrate expressed as adrenaline.

Excipients: sodium chloride; sodium metabisulfite (Е 223); acidum citricum, monohydrate; hydrochloric acid (for рН regulation purposes); sodium hydroxide (for рН regulation purposes); water for injection.


Local (infiltration и проводниковая) anesthesia in dentstry for complicated procedures requiring deep effect.

Artinibsa with epinephrine is designed to treat adults and children no younger than 4 y.o.

Special precautions:

Before making an injection a skin test is required to check if the patient ss hypersensitive to the product.

Inject the product slowly, and do the aspiration test at least in two plains (rotate the needle 180°), so as to avoid intravascular injection.

Do not inject the product into infected or inflamed tissues. After the injection the patient has to stay in the practice for no less than 30 minutes because the product affects the ability to drive.


1.8 mL cardriges made of transparent glass are sealed with a rubber cork with aluminum cap on one end and with a rubber plunger-type cork on the other one.

Each box contains 50 cartridges.



Флаг испании


ARTINIBSA has been authorized and is legally available in the Ukrainian dental market.


The guaranteed sterility level equals 10 which is equivalent to the terminal sterilization result.

No latex

Latex is not used for manufacturing. So the risk of triggering an allergic reaction is minimized.

More anesthetic

A cartridge contains 1.8 mL of the product, and not the conventional 1.7 mL.

Multi-purpose plunger

These plungers fit both conventional & aspiration type of syringes.

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