Importer of original dental products

Since CRYSTAL 1995 we have been importing high-quality dental products to Ukraine.

The products and instruments that we import are used by every 3rd dentist in Ukraine.

We have done training sessions for 10,000+ dentists and published 100+ articles in multiple dental magazines.

We offer a wide range of composites, impression materials, burs, endodontic instruments and many other products.

Наша цель состоит в том, чтобы все, без исключения, стоматологи Украины пользовались качественной и надежной продукцией!

Every 3rd dentist is our customer!

For a quarter of a century we have been doing business with such giant manufacturers as:

Сотрудничаем с компаниями

And these partnerships get even stronger day after day. Our customers are both dealers that operate within Ukraine and dentists.

We cooperate with dental advisors who will never fail to help make the right choice and supply the required information on how to use our products.

Specifically for you we design leaflets, pamphlets & catalogues so that you can access the relevant details whenever you need.

The head office is located in Odesa, and there is a branch in Kyiv.

Feel free to visit our licensed pharmacies in both cities located at:

Pharmacy in Odesa

Pharmacy in Kyiv

We are happy to see each one of our customers!

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